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22 Mar How to better sell your real estate program in Mauritius

Do you have a real estate program for sale? This article is specially written for you!


Real estate developers or consortia, architects, decorators, real estate agents, owners, investors, landscapers, etc., you are involved.


You are also implicated in the marketing, marketing or development of real estate programs (IRS, PDS, etc.) or Smart City(read our article on the subject). Or just if you dream of being part of this industry…


On the other hand, if you are not at all concerned… read this article all the way to the end!


Because we are convinced that you will find in your circle of friends a person who may be interested.




How do I sell an idea?


When it comes to business practices, there is almost nothing more difficult to do than sell an idea.


This is particularly the case for the real estate sector, which has to sell its products mainly on a plan basis. It is, therefore, necessary to attract, make the buyer dream and seduce him in a different way.


The client, especially in the high end, is demanding and greedy for beautiful images.


In many cases, he always needs more. And on equal benefits and financial terms, the difference with the competitor can sometimes be made simply at that level. Just on the quality or creativity of the visuals shown…




Our answer: our difference


Madame Pepper Consulting is well aware of this issue. Of course, we do not carry out a real estate program. But we have become creators of images by the force of things.


Our DNA is – let’s remember – to propose experiential concepts for places of food and entertainment. When it comes to ideas only, we’ve learned how to put them in 3D images, and how to make them as appealing as possible.


So-called hyper-realistic images, in situations, with different versions depending on the season, the location, or even the time of day:


Slide the cursor to see both versions



To do this, we have developed our own graphic studio, with our tools and our pool of graphic designers and graphic artists.


And with this in mind, now based in Grand Baie, we have decided to put all our solutions, teams and various skills at the service of real estate in Mauritius.




Your real estate program in pictures


We can offer you:


  • Putting your ideas in pictures
  • Retouching or magnifying 3D images or elevations
  • Making 3D images in hyper-realism
  • Make different versions of your projects
  • Incorporate your project into the desired location and vegetation
  • Making films presenting your real estate programs
  • Make virtual tours (point of view)
  • Create 360-degree movies



And also if time, budget and project allow, we can:


  • Create virtual TOURS in VR (Virtual Reality)
  • Make live tours remotely
  • Make 3D movies and sequences of your real estate program
  • Produce aerial or underwater films (for existing places)



Our mission? Bring your projects to life, to help you present better your programs and achievements and thus conquer your visitors and future customers.


real estate program villa with pool




To go even further


It goes without saying that all these media can be available in web format but also in high definition for printing (posters, advertising brochures, flyers, panels, etc.)


We also intend to set up a dedicated studio that will allow meetings and presentations to be broadcast live on networks or remotely. Ideal for presenting without moving to a dispersed group.


We have a lot to do together. And if you want to discover our own projects Madame Pepper Consulting, let’s put us at the table!


Madame Pepper Consulting has major assets: we are creative, productive, reactive and especially close to you (Grand Baie – Mauritius)


Contact us for a study or an appointment.

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