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22 Mar Smart City with Pepper sauce

Did you say “Smart City”? Let’s talk about it…


In Mauritius, you can see that Smart City projects grow like mushrooms… It’s a good thing, we’ve put some on our menu too!


After telling you our story, let us tell you about the menu of Madame Pepper Consulting.




Our experiential concepts


As in the restaurant and its menu, our experiential concepts are divided into 3 large parts. The famous “Stater – Dish -Dessert” is called “Urban – Landmark – Show”.


(*) Experiential: aimed at making the customer live a memorable experience, through the search for new emotions and sensations.



For starters


As an appetizer, we start with the concepts of the Urban category.


These are restaurants or lounges, each more incredible than the other, and located mainly in the heart of the city. We take full eyes and taste buds!


Our concepts in practice combine originality, modernity and the latest technologies. The meal promises to be the most gourmet…


smart city wine table



To follow


We’re attacking the main course with an appetite.


Landmark concepts are like the chef’s signature dish, the homemade recipe or the must-have local dish.


It’s a dish we’re proud to have tasted.


The one that we show and make everyone taste and discover. The one that tourists love, the one they rush to as soon as they arrive, and talk about to their relatives when they return home.


Our 5 Landmark concepts are absolutely one of a kind.


There will not be two as such in Mauritius. They will become the must-have dish to enjoy and share.



For dessert


If you’ve saved some room for dessert, you’ll enjoy it!


Experience a light and surprising end to the meal with our Show concepts. Another delicious and succulent way to discover and enjoy the show.


But all this was not enough…


We listened attentively to the comments we received during our first presentations to the major Mauritian hotel and industrial brands. As a result, we have readjusted our menus by adding spiced and spicy concepts to the flavours of the Indian Ocean.


smart city spices and chili



Digestive AND coffee?


As a result of these returns, Resort experiential concepts have been added to our menu.


These are original and quirky ideas for the seaside and coastal locations. Our concepts are therefore perfectly respectful of the environment and the local vegetation.


And to finish of course, every gourmet restaurant worthy of the name must offer “à la carte” dishes.


This is exactly what we do with our tailor-made concepts. They respond to a desire of the moment, a need, a problem or a re-positioning.


But will you tell me, what about the dish of the day? Because every good restaurant also puts it on its menu!


We’ve also thought about it, and invite you to discover Smart City’s recipes at Pepper Consulting.




The Smart City with Pepper Sauce


A Smart City or a substantial real estate program must offer its own leisure, catering and entertainment facilities.


That is what we particularly want to set ourselves apart. Our intention is to come and magnify the classic Smart City with our original concepts.


Our “chefs” continue to work on a special and creative map, perfectly suited to Smart Cities.


We have devised specific experiential concepts:

  • Atypical
  • Original
  • Modern
  • Simple
  • Authentic


And above all, local concepts, (re)putting Mauritians at the heart of the development project.


Because we believe that we must stand out from the crowd while maintaining coherence and bringing modernity to traditions. Just like a harmonious dish or a subtle sweet and sour mixture.


So, unlike fast food, if you have time for a good meal to give us, let’s meet around a nice table.


And let’s talk about Madame Pepper Consulting’s dishes together.


We promise you a festive and friendly meal, to share, exchange and consume without moderation.


At the table, it’s served!

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